Be is a global social media connector platform for the digital interaction between individuals.

Part of the Be’s initial roll-out is to target users enjoying a focus on football (and other sports) events.

Be aims to utilize novel AR technology for enhanced utility and live user encounter.

Augmented Reality (AR) is digitally designed to boost real life experiences with enhanced computer-generated input overlaying reality.

The advantages from using Be’s AR technology while scan-scrolling across the audience with a smart phone handset include:

  1. Enhanced engagement and user interface connection in social groupings
  2. Link-up with kindred spirits and groups in an event audience
  3. Follow and track fielded top sports players
  4. Utilise Be as a mobile live betting platform for sports events

Benefits from Be’s AR:

BeApp -  Football 2

At events, use Be AR to connect to fellow audiences and pre-organised groups

On the pitch, use Be’s built-in AR to track your favourite players and gather information insight

BeApp - Ronaldo

For live betting, use Be to get updated odds and easy to bet options on tracked players