Terms and conditions of cancellation or failure to show: Non-compliance with the reservation results in the following cancellation fees: Cancellation between 10 and 15 days before the excursion will incur a 5% deduction of the total cost of the trip. Cancellation between 3 and 9 days before will incur a 15% deduction and 1 to 3 days will incur a deduction of 25%. No refunds will be given to those who fail to show on the day without prior notice.        

The processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, of the 5th of December, in relation to the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPDGDD), being Bespoke Guided Tours S.L. the only responsible for process with commercial purposes for information about next activities, deals and other related package deals, unless expressly by checking the box below enabling Bespoke Guided Tours, S.L. to use the information for such purposes. You can make use of your rights of access, rectification & delete of your personal data by contacting info@bgt-travel.com. Personal data will never be transferred in any case to third parties.                       .
       I do not wish to receive any type of commercial proposals from Bespoke Guided Tours S.L.

Contractual terms and conditions with the Travel Agency “Bespoke Guided Tours S.L.” and its brands “BGT Travel” and “Danny’s Tours”, hereinafter “BGT Travel” with registered office at C / Pablo Picasso 1 Local E, Urb. Cortijo Blanco de San Pedro Alcántara (29670 Marbella, Malaga, Spain) with CIAN -297469-3 and RTA AV / MA / 01981. 

BGT Travel will act as a retailer and / or organizer as specified in the contract to which these contractual terms and conditions are attached. 

All excursion reservation requests, with the exception of Granada and Caminito del Rey, must be requested at least 24 hours before the start of the excursion. Excursions to Granada and Caminito del Rey must be reserved at least 72 hours in advance (weekends and public holidays do not count). BGT Travel will accept and confirm the reservation as long as it meets the conditions required by the schedule (frequency, origin, times, languages, services, minimum number of places). BGT Travel is not responsible for delays in maritime services or any extra expenses that may incur. The prices include VAT, but not any other chargeable taxes or travel expenses, which will be paid by the customer. Once the visit or excursion has begun, all parties must comply with the rules and recommendations of the guide, who may introduce as many modifications as the circumstances allow, whether of a social, private or any other nature. The abandonment or separation from the group during the excursion, for reasons not attributable to the organization, implies the loss of all right to claim total or partial compensation. BGT Travel states that, if indicated, it may operate as intermediaries between clients and the different service providers – restaurants, coaches, others-, therefore BGT Travel is not responsible for delays during the pick-ups, losses, accidents or any other damage that could happen. 

It will be mandatory to present your passport for the excursions of Gibraltar, Tangier, Tetouan and Granada. The passport or official identity document is a personal document, the responsibility of its possession / validity, is the responsibility of the traveller. If for any circumstance the traveller is denied entry into a country and / or tourist attraction, BGT Travel declines all responsibility, it being the traveller’s responsibility for any expenses that may arise, applying in these cases the conditions established for cancellations or voluntary of all services. 

BGT Travel will try to ensure that all excursions are carried out with a maximum of 3 languages per coach, for this, it reserves the right to transfer customers with the language that is least spoken on each excursion to another travel agency. If this is not possible, it will provide the guide/s necessary to provide the service. If the minimum number of places required in each planned excursion is not reached, before cancelling the excursion, BGT Travel will offer the possibility that the client may travel with another excursion operator with a similar programme or on another date agreed with the client. Luggage is not insured. BGT Travel disclaims any responsibility towards the client in cases of incurring expenses for assistance, repatriation, accident, illness or death. 

If lunch is included in the activity, it will be specified in the document attached to this contract. 

Once the contract is in 24 hours prior to the beginning of the excursion and BGT Travel has sent the confirmation of the reservation sent by the service provider company, the travel service offered by the provider company and BGT Travel will constitute a combined trip in the sense of the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16. Therefore, clients are protected by all the rights that apply in the framework of the EU to package deals. The service provider will be fully responsible for the correct execution of the combined trip. In addition, as required by law, the provider company is covered by a guarantee to reimburse the payments made and also if transportation is included in the trip, ensure its repatriation in the event of insolvency. The mentioned regulations also establish the following main rights: – Travellers will receive all essential information on travel services before signing and accepting the package travel contract. – There will always be at least one service provider company responsible for the correct execution of all the travel services included in the contract. 

Travellers will be provided with an emergency phone number or contact point details where they can contact the organizer and also the retailer. – Travellers may assign the combined trip to another person, with reasonable time notice and, when it is appropriate, subject to payment of additional expenses. – The price of the package trip can only be increased if specific expenses are incurred and it is expressly stated in the contract, and in no circumstances in the twenty days prior to the start of the package deal. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the price of the combined trip, the traveller may decline the contract. Where the organizer reserves the right to increase the price, the traveller will be entitled to a price reduction if the corresponding expenses decrease. – Travelers may terminate the contract without paying any penalty and obtain a full refund of all payments made if any of the essential elements of the package trip other than the price are significantly modified. If the company responsible for the package trip cancels before the beginning of the voyage, travellers will be entitled to a refund of payments made and, where appropriate, to compensation. – In exceptional circumstances, for example, in the event that there are serious security problems at the destination that may affect the package trip, travellers may terminate the contract before the start of the package deal without paying any penalty. – In addition, travellers may terminate the contract at any time before the start of the package trip by paying an appropriate and justifiable termination penalty. 

If, after the commencement of the package deal, significant elements of it cannot be borrowed, the traveller must be offered suitable alternative formulas, at no additional cost. Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any penalty in the event of non-delivery of services when this substantially affects the performance of the package and the organizer and, where appropriate, the retailer, are unable to solve the problem. – Travellers will also be entitled to a price reduction and / or compensation for damages in the event of non-execution or incorrect execution of travel services. – The organizer and the retailer must provide assistance to the traveler in the event that the client is in difficulties. If the organizer or the retailer is insolvent, the payments will be reimbursed. In the event that the organizer or, where appropriate, the retailer, becomes insolvent after the start of the package and this includes transportation, the repatriation of travellers will be guaranteed. BGT Travel has signed an insolvency protection guarantee with Seguros Catalana Occidente, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros, Sociedad Unipersonal (N-10.345.154-E) through AON IBERIA CORREDURIA DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A.U., located at C/ Rosario Pino, 14, 11º, ED.TORRE RIOJA 28020 MADRID. If services are denied due to the insolvency of BGT Travel, travellers may contact that entity or, where appropriate, with the relevant authority (+34932220212 / defensa.cliente.gco@grupocatalanaoccidente.com).