The BeApp Partner Program elevates your networking and social events, increases customer interactions with businesses and customers, by interconnecting all participants. 


Become a partner and take advantage of BeApp’s next-level utility as your official app. 


Partnership spaces are strictly limited and all partners are screened prior to approval – all applicants will be evaluated on individual basis. There are no costs associated with the program. 

Join our Event Partnership Program and elevate your event with BeDiscoverable as the official app. BeApp offers your attendees remarkable functionality, enabling quick and seamless connection and contact sharing in the digital space.

Give your event a futuristic touch with BeDiscoverable as the official app. BeApp provides unparalleled utility, making it easy for your guests to connect and share contacts swiftly and efficiently in the digital world.

Join our Partnership Program and you will be the first to get exclusive free Beta access to our new features which will eventually become Premium Business Features.

  • Obtain exclusive Partnership Badge
  • Early access to new and premium features
  • Invites to test new features and provide feedback
  • BeApp allows you to connect with everyone around you, be it for professional or social reasons. 
  • You can interact with people and businesses in your immediate vicinity – and view their social media accounts contact info they wish to share. Or connect directly within the app! 
  • Find customers for your business or facilitate a trade between those around you. 
  • You never know who is around you – use BeApp to interconnect with everyone around you. 
  • Are you an owner of a bustling gym, a popular coffeeshop; are you a restauranteur? 
  • You will receive a live account with permanent presence – online 24/7. 
  • You will have a QR code to show your customers with all your contact information you wish to share – with or without downloading the app. 
  • We will promote you within your radius and through our social media. 

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